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I've seen 2 shows on this tour. The Philly - Keswick show was excellent. Todd always seems to be able to dig up a little more energy when he comes home to Philly. I have been out to the Todd Loop for a while and didn't realize that he was bringing Kasim along. That made it all the better. His voice was 'on', the guitar work was 'on', Jesse was certainly 'on' . Totally awesome show.

My Harrisburg experience started very nicely; I got there early, taking in some Chinese food before the show, sitting on a side street, close to a mysterious looking 'tour' bus. Sure enough here comes Todd off the bus; there was a small group of us, maybe 7 or 8. He kindly signed some stuff and posed for a few pictures for the group. I, being a basement songwriter, had a cassette in my pocket (kicking myself in the ass for not burning the stuff onto CD) of a few of my songs which he graciously accepted, but assured me that he wouldn't be listening to it in the near future, but promised to put it "where all the other tapes go" and get to it someday. I was happy enough with that.

From my perspective the show was great; as I'm sure for many of the Todd fans on this site the feeling is the same: anytime you get to see Todd on stage it's a great experience. But in reality the show was rough. The PA was breaking up badly for most of the show. He had to bang on a few wires himself to get the shit working. I know he was pissed about his monitors; he kept pointing to his ears He's loosing his voice. (despite this, he still attempts to hit those notes) Overall I think he needs to get back to Hawaii, take a break, write some new stuff, fix up Patronet....ect. 

There is still nobody I'd rather be sitting in a venue listening to other than Todd.

By the way...the guy who opened that night was f'ing unbelievable. a local singer'songwriter. The guy was amazing. I wish I could remember his name......

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8/6/2000 - Whitaker Center For Science and the Arts - Harrisburg, PA

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