Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta Show

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In addition to being a wonderfully innovative, talented and creative guy, he's truly a professional. He has to be after putting up with what was going wrong for him at this show. The Regatta is a corporate excuse to get half a million people into downtown Pittsburgh to consume mass quantities of as Todd put it "big honkin' sausages", and $2.00 Cokes while watching boats go 100mph down the river. What ever compensation the Trio received couldn't have been enough.

Anyway, we braved the masses to see our guy who's show at Metropol here earlier in the summer was a great success as far as I'm concerned.

At the Saturday show Todd had to put up with an extremely bad lighting system which kept cutting out. Also, I got the impression there was some conflict going on behind the scenes concerning advertising around the stage. (They had a sign hanging on a crane in front of the stage which was taken down before Todd's performance). And worst for us...a local radio station(from what I heard) had about 100 seats fenced in right in front of the stage which were only 1/4 filled at the most - good luck trying to get in there. The first thing Todd did when he came out was to note how far away everyone was. It must have been tough playing to what looked to be a less than full audience while most of us die hard fans were waaaaaay back.

We always come away from a Todd show feeling like we've seen something great and this time was no different. I was happy to be able to see him perform more than once this summer. Hope he's recovered from this appearance for the remainder of his tour.

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8/5/2000 - Three Rivers Regatta - Pittsburgh, PA

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