Long Island Show 8/4/00

Review by Mike Racioppi (Switch to

For the first show back from his Europe break, Todd's voice was in very poor form. From the start, he was straining, trying to hit notes he hasn't hit in 12 years, and the control board had the sound up WAY TOO HIGH!!! The crowd was a poor turnout. for $10 and to only get 200-300 people shows how far down his fan base has dwindeled. This club is usually packed with over 1000 people Friday and Saturday nights. BUT as the big bad wolf said ALL THE BETTER TO SEE YOU WITH MY DEAR!

I was right up front 1st row on stage and got there 1 song into the show (a far cry from 1973 at CAPE Code Coliseum to see TR Utopia live where it was 5000 people)!

So- how did he look? OLD!!! a little chubby! And tired!

What did I think? In phili he was OK. IN Atlantic City he blew me away- fast on guitar, clean on guitar and on cliche, better than I've ever hear him- EVER EVER EVER.

In long Island? Like his albums- 1 or 2 shining amazing stars in a valley of misfits. On the utopia theme- excited, guitar truly amazing, his heart into it! On open my eyes, best this tour BUT not as nearly good as utopia live in Japan CD. The rest of show too loud and voice lousy-- hope Irving Plaza much better

Todd - I have loved you for 26 years. TRY HARDER. WE NEED YOU ! and for once in your life, don't read the script and take requests - life is too short- if you read this do one for me after 26 years-- solo - no guitar- no piano - no backup- "remember me" from ballad
please please please please please

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