Atlantic City, Taj Mahal 7/8/00 Review

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You probably didn't think there were any 15 year old Todd fans our there....but ive just proven you wrong. I attended the Atlantic City show and it was like nothing else. I attended a show in Northhampton, PA. I guess you can say that was a warm-up for what I witnessed the other night.

The show started at 8. We arrived at the Taj Mahal around 5:45. We grabbed something to eat to pass the time by. As we left to find the Xanadu theater, I saw this very skinny and tall guy walking our way. I thought to myself that it couldn't be Todd because I couldn't see any blonde on top. When he walked away, thats when I knew it was him. I told my dad, and he yelled to him. He said "Hi" and waved back. Todd looked like he was in a hurry trying to find someone. We passed him a few times throughout the night.

When we arrived at the theater, it was smaller than I thought it would be. I thought the sound would be terrible but I was proved wrong. We sat in a row right behind his wife Michele and his mother Ruth. His mom really enjoys his songs, she was jamming to them throughout the night.

The show started of with ISP, and it was tight. For 52 years old, he really knows how to play the guitar.

Some good suprises were "Play This Game" "One World" "Secret Society" and "Couldn't I Just Tell You", just to name a few.

My favorite songs of the night were "Trapped", especially the part where Todd and Kasim sing back and forth. "The Ikon" sounded really good and the Trio had the assistance of Jesse who made an appearance for a few songs.

The show ended with an encore performance of "Worldwide Ephiphany." Also sounded great. (Very though song to play)

The laugh of the night came from a drunken Todd fan. He was carrying on the whole night, dancing and jumping up and down through the isles. Somehow he ended up on stage during "One World". And he would pop in and out at different times. Very Hilarious.

After the show, I got to meet Michele who seemed very nice. She would talk to everyone that wanted to say something to her.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend going to see a show on this tour. Its worth the drive.

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