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Here's a *short* review of the Todd show at the Trump 7/8. Actually, I saw both the Keswick & Trump shows will prolly see the Chameleon show in Aug. It's a groovy lil place. Both shows were right on the money. Todd never ceases to amaze. I look forward to being a rock star in my 50s, too!! Even though my fave tunes are piano-oriented I was pleasantly surprised to see the power trio format. Always a pleasant surprise from Todd. The real reason I'm writing is to possibly take credit/blame :-<)> for Todd playing Hide Your Love Away at the Trump. He had the 'coostik guitar out & I yelled out "Beatles" cuz I couldn't remember the song title. He looked like he was peering skyward as if to say:"do I wanna....yeah, what the fuck." The lady I dragged (willingly) to both shows is a huge Beatle fan so I thought.....let's shout a request. The Ringo anecdote was pretty funny, too. Left feeling fulfilled & wanting more at the same time.

Glenn Leonard

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7/8/2000 - Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ

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