Power TRiO plus one, Day 2

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Xanadu Theater, Trump Taj Mahal, Atlatic City, NJ
Saturday, July 8, 2000

Observations-I thought the Keswick show was a pretty old crowd. Tonight the crowd was even older. The Xanadu Theater's sound system made me realize how crappy the Keswick's sound system was.

I Hate My Frickin' ISP-Todd's voice is a little ragged. I can barely hear Percy.
Play this Game-Kasim's bass sounds better in the mix.

Love of the Common Man-Utopia Redux 2000

(Todd notes that this is the last show of this leg of the tour. "The band is giddy.")

#1 LCD-Todd's guitar playing seems more deliberate. Maybe this comes from playing the Slowhand licks on the last Ringo tour.
Love in Action-During the break Todd waxes philosophically about the paradox of stopping LIA...because the song says you can't stop LIA
Secret Society

Hammer in my Heart

Black & White

There goes my Insperation (Todd comments on the Taj backdrop. "I feel like I'm floating in a sea of red lights.")
CIJTY-Todd and Kaz do one legged kicks...but still no strobe lights

(OH tells a story wherein the next song reminds Todd of the days pllaying for Ringo and trying to spend the $175/day in the Taj Mahal casino allowance.)
Hide Your Love Away

Baritone Uke
(Hawaiian war chant rant)
Bang the Ukelale Daily

Temporary Sanity- The rap reminds me of Warren Beatty in Bullworth
Trapped-Todd nails the lead...screamin' (Hall of Fame rant...someday Billy Idol will be voted in and Bo Diddly will be spinning in his grave at 1800 RPM)
Yer Fast
Buffalo Grass
One World-Can't start...broken string

One World

Introduction of Jesse Gress
Ikon-Kasim bass solo, Jesse guitar solo, Trey drum solo
Open My Eyes- The crowd stands


WWE-The crowd remains standing

Post Show
I spotted Michele Grey on the way out. Trey left first. As Todd was leaving, I spotted Ruth Rundgren.

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