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Read all the previous reviews before travelling from Houston to see Todd at Glenside and the Taj Mahal. To the odd dissenter, and the 'one album wonders' (who didn't hear any of their songs), all I can say is that you don't appreciate where you are. In the presence of a truly unique, uncompromising artistic talent, and still after 30-plus years, this man can have such a close relationship with his true fans, which together with his innovative musical ability is the envy of the rock world.

At Glenside the Power Trio were joined by a young and obviously talented Guitarist, Jessie ******* who accompanied the power trio for the encores at the Taj Mahal.

The concert was professionally casual and great entertainment at Glenside, (with Todd preaching to the home town converted), and astounding at the Taj Mahal. Various past reviews brought various opinions on Todd's musical direction. This was pure hard-core Utopia, and the presence of a young guitar talent alongside Kasim, may give more than an indication of that resurgence. Todd Rundgren, wherever he performs is pure genius, and at Atlantic City, was outstanding, with Kasim even managing a 'jig' with a defuct leg. Two great encores and the great band needed to call it 'quits'.

What else can I say, "eat your hearts out, Palmer, Plant, Gabriel etc, this great musical man is invincible.

Thanks for all the smiling faces.

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7/8/2000 - Trump Taj Mahal - Atlantic City, NJ

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