TR in Philly 7/7/00

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My 10th show dating back to 1977 Ra tour and I must say TR has never sounded better. This performance before a home-town crowd was one that was well worth the 4 hour drive from Syracuse NY. The Keswick theatre was the perfect venue for the show as the acoustics were remarkable and the 1,500 capacity crowd consisted of both young and old. Nice to see the next generation of Todd fans...he deserves it!!!

The set list was predictable based on previous shows.New songs from OLY were unbelievable....especially Buffalo grass and Yer fast.I was thinking how I really was indifferent towards hearing UKE song but found myself quite entertained and amused by it all as TR set it up nicely with some humorous remarks about his home state. He encouraged applause for his ability to play the " alto uke''. Old favorites were done with inspiration.....Faithful version of LOTCM was memorable and break in Love in action was a record breaker....I about doing Hammer in my Heart and There goes my Inspiration before finally quipping "oh ya i remember" and then finally finishing LIA...... Nice surprise to have Jesse join the band for Mystified....The boy can play!!!!!!!. Anyway..Todd couldnt get him off the stage after that which was OK with TR as he explained "I dont mind playing rythem the rest of the night!!!". Well thankfully they alternated leads the rest of the night and I think Todd is playing better than broken strings and only an occasional problem with cords. Todds vocals are difficult to put into words....didnt think I wanted to hear Cliche but he nailed it as TR knew his voice was in rare form and he took it to the limt time and time again....incredible goose bumps for that one as well as for LCD,IKON and finally WWE....what a great finisher....kind of mesmorizes you by the time its done...totally awed by its energy. My wife couldnt control herself any longer and left our 13th row seat to run up to the stage for the last few moments of the show....Well the show ended and it was difficult leaving as you just want TR shows to go on and on. My only regret is that we didnt get tickets for the next night show in Atlantic city but we will see him again in NY at Vernon Downs....This tour will not dissappoint.... Just kinda sat there after the show thinking how fortunate we were to see Todd perform after all these was just fun...thats all!!!!

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7/7/2000 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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