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Putting aside the obvious for just a moment, the highlights from Todd's show at the Keswick Theater begin, for me, with the theater itself. The phone calls I made for tickets, then for extra tickets, were handled cheerfully and courteously, and the staff the night of the show was every bit as polite and professional. The theater was an outstanding place to see Todd; it was my understanding from a friend who sat near the back that no seats were bad.

Still putting aside the obvious for a moment longer, my company that night was perfect. I don't think there's anything better than seeing Todd with friends who are as pumped up as you are, who allow you to be A FAN, and who walk away at the end telling you, "That was a incredible show!" Chris, Joe, Pinki, and Sylvia - you are the best!

The obvious, of course, is that Todd was GREAT at the Keswick! I had seen him at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach on Birthday Night and I couldn't wait to see the show again. Todd looks good, he was having fun, I love the new songs (Yer Fast is growing on me by the second), I like the LOUD and passionate Todd - it was all there, increased by tenfold at the Keswick. Todd, Kas, and Trey are a super Power Trio, but when Jesse joined them, the night kicked into some different kind of gear.

The Love in Action schtick was a hoot (TWO songs later they took care of the unfinished business), Todd worked harder with the Bang the Drum monologue so that it was very funny and new. I am a lyric person so the usual goose bumps were there with Cliche (really - where ARE the words to describe this night? My review is a cliche.) and Number One Lowest (absolutely couldn't wait for the ripe avocado, the Velveeta sky and the time to SCREAM!). Buffalo Grass is my next "read these lyrics again because they are SO cool" song. Worldwide Epiphany, Mystified, Couldn't I Just Tell You, Secret Society - OK, the whole set list was highlight after highlight for me!

I offer no apologies for not being able to address the technical side of the concert. I really only know what it is that I like, what it is that gives me that "I'm going to jump out of my skin any second" kind of feeling (YOU know!), and what leaves me hoping that this night goes on forever. Todd at the Keswick did this for sure. Sunday, August 6 in Harrisburg - can't wait!!!

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