Glenside Epiphany

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10 random thoughts on tonight's performance at the Keswick...

1) Todd's voice was in great form -- huskier than normal, but he didn't miss a note, even when he stretched for the high ones.
2) Jesse Gress ("we like to showcase local talent") is simply an incredible guitarist. I give Todd lots of credit for being smart enough to not be threatened by Jesse and to defer to him like he does. I hope Jesse sits in on the rest of the dates.
3) "Yer Fast" positively smokes live.
4) This show is probably better suited for bars than theaters like the Keswick. Too many people gave in to the temptation to sit.
5) The musical performance was superb -- no real flubs, a number of really tasty TR solos. The band really plays off each other well. Anyone who doesn't think TR cares about the music anymore hasn't seen this show. These songs -- many of them true dinosaurs -- seemed fresh and vital because they were played with passion AND smarts.
6) Listening to the show made me realize how many other great songs could have fit this format -- as much as I enjoyed the playlist, I'd love to see him stretch some more by the time he hits NYC in a month. 
7) As wonderful as they are, I've heard the "Mystified/Broke Down Busted" medley enough, as well as "Lowest Common Denominator." Not to mention "Cliche."
8) It was a real treat to hear "The Ikon" and "Open My Eyes."
9) Apparently, you can re-start love in action.
10) Where was the chick who danced in front of the stage during the "Twist" tour? She would have been a real delight to watch with this rockin' set!!!  ;-)

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7/7/2000 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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