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Pre-show - I spotted Jesse Gress eating at the Keswick Tavern. I met up with a few long lost friends in front of the venue.

I Hate My Frickin' ISP-The mix is muddy. Percy doesn't seem to be a "live" guitar.
Play this Game-Tre's vocals are surprisingly good. He has tons of cymbals.

Love of the Common Man-Todd's still using some of the "Twist" vocal stylings.

(Todd asks "Where youse guys from?" which elicts a cheer from the audience. "#1 rule of Hoagie Club...You don't talk about Hoagie Club". Next Todd rants on Napster). 

Black & White
Yer Fast-The crowd loves this new tune.
Secret Society-Todd's voice soars. Larry Tagg's bass plaing was better on this tune.
Love in Action- seems short...

There goes my Insperation-The plugged version is better than the old acoustic version
CIJTY-Where are the kicks & stobe lights?

The end of Love in Action- One Long Break

Cliche'-Maybe the best version I've heard. Definitely not rushed.

(Todd explains that this is the "pentultimate" show as Saturday is the "ultimate" show in AC.)

Baritone Uke
Bang the Ukelale Daily-much better live, the crowd got it.

OH introduces Jesse Gress
Mystified, Broke Down & Busted, Mystified- Jesse smokes

Hammer in my Heart
("Jesse do you remember this one?") He does.

#1 LCD-Jesse provides the little guitar fills to perfection
Buffalo Grass ("You have to play a song {Jesse} doesn't know to get him off the stage") Jesse slinks off...only to reemerge from stage left. Not only does he knows the new song, he plays a complimentary riff.  
One World-Jesse plays the lead with minor flubs


Ikon-Tre shines.
Open My Eyes-This is undeniably the treat of the show. I guess Jesse must know most of Todd's catalog.


WWE-This song is growing on me as the last song...jumpin'. 

Post Show
I waited outside the stage door after the show. Over time the fans dwindled. Jesse and Kasim came and went several times. Jesse wasn't very chatty. Kasim stopped to sign a few pictures. Todd was waiting inside for his car to AC. Around 12:30PM, OH came out to address the few remaining fans. Kathy and "Emily" offered Todd a ride to AC with them which Todd just laughed off. 

Todd says he is suffering from a little burn-out and is looking forward to a vacation in Europe. It seems he needs a break from this .com world.

Off to AC.....I hope Jesse is there, too !!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/7/2000 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA

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