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After much hemming and hawing about whether or not to do an UP NORTH vacation this year we noticed that a certain artist, somewhat musically inclined, would be appearing at the Nat'l Cherry Fest during our contemplated week. To say that that's what tipped the scale would be akin to saying I contemplated that last heartbeat. An outdoor show would be a first for us AND it was FREE! WHAT???? (Todd - plan a $ 1000 a head weekend including a show in HI, and I bet you'll get a good response!)

As veteran showgoers we decided to get an early look at the venue by arriving around 4:45. I met a very nice hardcore fan named Dr. Shea who said we could camp with his entourage up front. All it cost me was a Pepsi, even though I offered dinner as well. We headed up to downtown Traverse City for a quick bite at the Manitou Brewing Company which provided a decent fare, great deck and some excellent micro brew ale . Unfortunately for Cathy (my wife) I was ALL JACKED UP, and she had to explain my energy to the very nice server! 

Back to the show and the entourage was growing by 6:30 for the 9:00 show. Met many nice people including Laura, ( I saw you dancing in LA) Dr. Shea's wife. We were looking directly at the trailer for the artists and as time passed (where does the time go) I could see a guy with a foot boot and another guy with two-toned hair milling about. Guess who (not Burton Cummings!). The setting with West Grand Traverse Bay in the background was stunning. Many folks around us asked us if we brought a blanket or chairs for the show and we just said no we were planning on standing (HELLO iT"S ME, A TRUE FAN!). Not that the others weren't, it's just not something/anything I could do comfortably. Sit at a TR show......Sometimes I don't know how to feel. After six songs standing, one the entourage asked if we would sit so as to not obstruct there view. We grudgingly complied thinking WHEN DID WE GET SO TIRED...

The boys took the stage sporting MIB uniforms and proceeded to get to it with great vocals, tight music and energy befitting a first show. It was the opposite of Columbus (with a raucous SRO crowd and many technical problems.) The set highlights included Cliché ( great TR vocals), Yer Fast, Trapped, Love in Action, Secret Society and encore WW Epiphany. Buffalo Grass, in my opinion, like Surf Talks, is in a class by itself, worthy of all time great status! Unfortunately Surf Talks and Mystified were not part of this show and I missed the latter especially. I would also love to hear a few vocals during The Ikon as it was a DAY LIKE NO OTHER.

After Kaz's firing and subsequent re-hiring we were facing the encore all too soon. I could listen to WW Epiphany for hours and never get tired but as the closer we knew it was over. Decided to hang around and see if TR was doing any fan interaction after the show. As it turns out Kaz made his usual early exit after some discussion with Helen, also a new friend, and TR was fifteen minutes behind, with Mary Lou in a red GMC. We were told to make room by the STAFF and as TR started to move out, I gave him the "Wahuli farewell sign" which to my surprise he returned through a lowered window.  As I blurted my E-Mail name as the Michelin Man, which either he remembered or at least caused him pause, we moved closer to the vehicle as he signed an autograph for someone in front of us and then signed my Patronet enrollment form (like I need one) as we were moving. TR all the time saying "were doing this as we move". THANKS TODD, I know it seems trivial but I SINCERELY appreciate it!!!

Looking forward to one more great show in Pittsburgh or NY as this is a MUST SEE!!!

Doug & Cathy Ellwood

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7/5/2000 - National Cherry Festival - Traverse City, MI

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