National Cherry Festival Review - Traverse City, MI

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Why the apprehension about an outdoor, free concert in northern Michigan ??? The weather was perfect - an ideal setting on a bay overlooking Lake Michigan - high 60's, beautiful sunset behind three guys makin' it happen.

Interestingly, ( is that a word ) the same evening at the same time as part of the same festival, another concert was going on. OK - OK , Christina Aguilera may be a little better looking than our boy but that's the last check mark in her column!!!

TR, Kasim and Trey were very up for this outing and sounded great. The crowd was appreciative too. Highlights included Love of the Common Man ( i've been burned in my prime too ) , Cliche, There Goes my Inspiration and a very pleasant surprise encore that had the crowd rockin' - Open my Eyes.

All in all, this had to be one of the best days of the millenium for me !!! Earlier in the day jet skiing at my favorite aunt and uncles cottage. Then, I took a casino for $260. Then off to the Outback for dinner where across the aisle from me Tim Allen was having dinner with his daughter. And then, off to the highlight of the day - two hours of pure awesomeness ( that is a word ) from TR.

I don't care what I've gotta do - I'm gonna make it to another venue......guaranteed.

By the way, you can catch the boys on Letterman on August 3. And remember, yer fast and I like it. Peace.

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7/5/2000 - National Cherry Festival - Traverse City, MI

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