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What started out as a disastrous night, turned out to be a memorable one to say the least.

My wife Karen and I decided to bring our daughters along with us. It being an outdoor show, and only about 50 minutes from South Bend, it seemed like the thing to do. When we arrived about 2 & 1/2 hours before start time, we were informed that no kids were allowed in the gate, with or without parents. My nine-year-old Taylor instantly broke into tears, and my twelve-year-old Rachel became despondent. So we regrouped at a near-by pizza place. We decided that we would go back and watch from outside the fence.

We set up a blanket directly behind the stage. We were only about 15 feet from behind the drum riser. After enduring one of the worst opening acts I've ever witnessed, a Jeep Cherokee pulled up with Todd, Kazim, and Trey in tow. We waved as they were let through, and Kazim smiled and waved back. That brought the troops spirits up. We watched them mill about the backstage area before they went on.

When Todd started into his acoustic songs, Kazim walked by the fence. The girls asked him for his autograph, waving their paper and pens around. He walked right over and asked the girls their names. They told him and he signed them both. He then went on to guess their ages, and nailed them correctly! He then tried guessing the month of their birthdays, and actually came fairly close. He asked us why we didn't come in, and we explained the 21 and over thing. He shook our hands and walked over to where Trey was standing by the stage. Trey and Kazim had a short conversation during Cliche. Trey then set two folding chairs on the stage next to the bass rig. Kazim walked back over to me and asked if I would like to give the girls a treat. He said,"I'd like to sit the girls on stage with me if that's alright." I just about freaked. So we lifted them over, and they sat next to Kazim the whole show. Karen and I were just beaming. He had them stay up there throughout the encore. It was totally surreal.

Afterward, he walked them back over, and went on about how sweet the girls are, and that we should be extremely proud. We talked for a little bit more. I explained that Karen and I were on stage for the Tikki Tour, so now the whole family has been up on stage for a Todd show. Kazim said it's a family tradition now. He gave us his personalized guitar picks and said goodbye. The end to an amazing night.

All in all, the show was great. You can really hear the difference since the Kalamazoo show. Much tighter. Being a drummer, it was nice being able to see everything Trey did on the set. He's fantastic.

As far as Kazim's gesture, it was one of the most generous acts of kindness I have witnessed. The guy is a sweetheart, and I mean that in a very hetero way. We will never forget it.

We didn't have our camera with us, so if anyone got a photo of the girls on stage, please contact me. rh1@worldnet.att.net.

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