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Todd Rundgren's set at the Hobart Jaycees Festival was a marvel. The best of 9 Todd concerts I've seen since 1978. Performing on two hours sleep, after writing computer code for his website the night before, Todd, Kasim Sulton and Trey Sabatelli performed a remarkably intense show. Those who had seen him in Indianapolis said that the Hobart concert was much tighter. The setlist for the 1 hour, 50 minute show was identical to Indianapolis except "Play This Game" replaced "Temporary Sanity" and "Surf Talks" was added to the first encore.
I Hate My Frickin' I.S.P.
Couldn't I Just Tell You
Love of the Common Man
Love in Action
Fix Your Gaze
Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator
Secret Society 
There Goes My Inspiration
Play This Game
Bang on the Ukelele All Day
Black and White
The Ikon
Open My Eyes
Yer Fast (But I like it)
Buffalo Grass
One World
Encore 1
Hammer in My Heart
Surf Talks
Encore 2
Worldwide Epiphany
Musical highlights -- Todd has done a masterful job of choosing songs that fit the power trio format, such as Yer Fast (But I like it), "Hammer in My Heart," "Trapped" and "Play This Game". For us old fans, it was refreshing to see that he drew from every period of his career and chose some obscure favorites like "Open My Eyes," "Cliche", "There Goes My Inspiration" and "Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator." The best of this realm was "The Ikon" from the "Another Live," big-band Utopia days. It was a showcase for all three players. On that song and throughout the set, Todd proved that he still deserves his "underrrated guitar god" status. Trey Sabatelli is the best tour drummer Todd has ever worked with, harnessing unbelievable power without being gratuitously flashy. Kasim's bass solo on "The Ikon" was a highlight of the set. The set was well constructed and built to a flourish with the beloved "One World", and the encores took it to another level. Everything a Utopian could hope for in a $10 concert at a shopping center with a Goodwill store as a backdrop.

Verbal highlights -- Todd during the break in "Love in Action": "I've always believed you can never make assumptions in life. As it may seem that you can't stop Love in Action, there's always that one time where you conceivably, possibly could stop it. So far, that hasn't happened. It wouldn't be prudent (George Bush imitation) to be present the one time that that might happen. Where you actually did stop it. Well, like we could do that" --- and they launched back into the song.

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7/1/2000 - Hobart Jaycees Festival - Hobart, IN

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