HOBART, Indiana

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I saw the Hobart Power trio Tour last evening and I must say compared to the last Chicago show this show was 100% better.

The Chicago show was good, but the sound system sucked and TR had alot of broken strings ect... this made for a medicore show.

Hobart Kicked ass. No the performance was not anything special, but it was live and TR played his heart out. Kasim and Trey also played their hearts out too. The sound system was great, it was alittle loud but I could make out the words to the songs. The song selection was outstanding. Highlights were the Ikon, Secret society, World Wide epiphany, Trapped, Love of the common man. I could also hear Kas and trey!

This concert took place in a parking lot of a grocery store!

The backup band Taxi was also good. They played alot of covers and did them well.

All in all a great time for my wife and I. It was a comfortable show. All the Drunks stayed to themselves or closer to TR. The cat calls were kept to a minimum. This tour must be seen, if you Love Utopia. I do miss Roger Powell though. His probe was very much missed in the mix.

Great show Tr, Kas ,and Trey!!

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7/1/2000 - Hobart Jaycees Festival - Hobart, IN

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