Oshkosh Waterfest

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I attended the Todd Rundgren concert at Oshkoshs' Waterfest. I have loved his music for many years, although raising a family etc, got me a little out of touch with his newer, newest stuff. My experience with his music pretty much centered around the "Something/Anything" songs. Although it was a thrill to see him, the band was good and he certainly was, the general feeling of those around me was it wasn't what they came to see, that he was "trying to reinvent himself." I have nothing against hearing the newest songs but in a city like Oshkosh songs of the past would have meant more. If half of the concert were favorites and the other half new stuff I would have been out there buying his newest cd. Unfortunately, I only recognized 4 songs and since one was done with a ukelele it took me a while to recognize. The weather was great, the band was great but a suggestion....the old hippies came from miles around and didn't leave hearing what they came for. Just a suggestion.


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6/29/2000 - Riverside Park - Oshkosh, WI

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