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My buddy Joe and I headed to Oshkosh from upper Michigan for my 20th TR show! it was Joe's 2nd show but he knows all the tunes well.

The park was real nice, much smaller than we expected , but alot of fans showed up.

The song list was the same as many of the previous shows so I won't go there. Todd and the guys were real tight! the guitar playing was superb! I must say I think it was the best TR performance I ever saw! the tune "yer fast" sounded identical to the studio recording - I couldn't believe it!!! and the crowd went nuts for it. Other tunes that really blew me away were "hammer in my heart" and "worldwide epiphany" this was a free concert, I don't know how Oshkosh pulled that off, but I'm glad they did.

Todd's vocals were excellent and the guitar work was outstanding. The fans were really great too!!

Don't miss this tour!!!!!!

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6/29/2000 - Riverside Park - Oshkosh, WI

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