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I was surprised to get there at 7:30 and still get a table so close to the stage. That was the first surprise. The second surprise: There were tables (We always had to stand at The Vogue). I'm sorry to read that some people had trouble with security. Overall the venue seemed nice for both the band and the audience. The air conditioning worked great, and I hardly noticed the cigarette smoke.

Todd and the boys are really rocking on this tour (and I like it...). "I Hate My Frickin I.S.P." is one of my favorite new Todd songs in quite awhile. "Yer Fast" plays well live. It was great to hear "The Ikon." My favorite of the night was "Secret Society" (reminded me of seeing Utopia during the POV tour all those years ago). The crowd seemed to go wild during and after the old songs, but most people didn't seem to recognize many of the newer ones. I wish I could have polled the audience to see who has the new cd, or how many don't even realize there is a new cd.

There weren't any technical problems. I waited in fear for strings to break, etc., but the only complaint from Todd concerned an "eye level spotlight." His voice cracked a little during "Cliche," leaving me momentarily wondering, "Where are the words?" It's nice to be at a show where about everything works right. Todd was in a good mood, the crowd was in a good mood, and Kasim was able to set the barstool aside and stand and even walk around during a few tunes. Trey is a wonderful drummer. If you haven't been to a show yet, and you get a chance, for the love of the common man get yer tickets and hit the road like a train. You won't regret it.

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6/27/2000 - 8 Second Saloon - Indianapolis, IN

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