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Well, The 8 second saloon, The name alone brings thoughts of Cowboys with Spurs and lots of Beer and Cigars within a 30'x15' room with pool tables and jangly Piano. To my surprise, When pulling up to the venue it was rather large, probably about 1500 capacity, very friendly but protective personnel, great waitresses, and probably the best sound system I've heard in a club!.

Todd came out to about 300 fans(Unfortunately) to start off a show that would be the best show I've seen of the tour and hardest rocking tour in years. Todd has evolved into a very emotional guitar player and can hit you with more force with his sound than with Pete Townshend like antics. #1 LCD was slow and seductive, Black and White was evil smacking you in the face,(Enough with the Cheesy emotional descriptions!) Anyway, the songs were performed full of emotion and had an added freshness to them because of the "Spontaneous setlist". I really wish that the Power Trio would make an album together because they are a very tight band and are very powerful.

Of course, the show ended way to fast and I found myself wanting to thank Todd for a great show and tell him how great it is to hear him play guitar again, but unfortunately he slipped out the front door into a Limo and was whisked away which has been the case for quite a few shows. Someone said something about a threat that was made to him by a "fan" recently, What ever it was Todd, We've got your back!

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6/27/2000 - 8 Second Saloon - Indianapolis, IN

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