Todd in Indy 6/27/00

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What was so exceptional about this show was the fact that Todd played so much guitar. Thank Todd for the Power Trio! The room was good and the sound was uniformly fine. Crowd of maybe 300. We can't provide a detailed setlist as we were too busy dancin' to the beat to bother writing down all the toonz.

Hate My Freakin' ISP - best mix we've heard of it. (compared to the TV)

Couldn't I just Tell You - great to hear this tune after all these years. Never heard him play it before.

Love of the Common Man - the "new lyrics" were an interesting diversion. For all you guitar homos out there, Todd played the John Lennon Rickenbacker guitar.

Todd strapped on the green guitar but he didn't want anybody to Objectivize his guitars. "They all have names", he said. "The name for this one is Foamy. Not that green guitar. Foamy." and launched into #1 lowest Common Denominator - Holy Shit! Never thought We would live to see the day when we would to get to hear that. Hendryx, Beatles & Beach Boys Come Together.

Love in Action - A kickin' version! Great vocal tune and the band was up to it.

Hit Me Like a Train - Talking Heads/Al Green Philly Soul sounding great in a power trio.

The Ikon - Saw them play this Utopia Suite in 1974 in Evansville with 2 drummers and 2 keyboard players and this trio version still rawked hard! Kasim's solo had Todd grinnin' / Drummer solo

Open My Eyes: nice tune from the old Nazz days. Never heard the Runt play this live before and just love that WHO/pop sound.

Kasim Vocal-

TRI solo selections included Cliche and the traditional Hawaiian War Chant "Bang the ukelele daily" (on baritone Ukelele)

Black & white - Full ensemble in full swing.

Yer Fast but I like It - don't know this but Yeah!

There Goes my Inspiration - don't know this one either but Maddog called it "a song about an Artist who knows all these creative people and he loses his inspiration."

Secret Socity - don't know this one, but liked it just fine.

Temporary Sanity


One World - nice sentiment.

Hammer in mY heart
World Wide Epiphany

What's Up w/ Kasim's foot?

Had a great time! Tom 'n Jimbo.

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6/27/2000 - 8 Second Saloon - Indianapolis, IN

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