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hello todd fans from skibone....if you've read the other reviews, you already know the facts about the venue and the hip cowboy dudes......nice place, cheap drinks. here's the complete setlist for those that are looking:
i hate my frickin isp
couldn't i just tell you
love of the common man
#1 lowest common denominator
love in action (yes, he broke into 'we are the champions' in the middle of the song)
hit me like a train
the ikon (trey's drum solo proves his right to play with todd)
open my eyes
bang the ukelele all day (todd says 'there's nothing in the world of music finer than playing the ukelele')
black and white
yer fast, but i like it
there goes my inspiration
secret society
temporary sanity
buffalo grass
one world
encore #1 hammer in my heart
encore #2 world wide epiphany
all in all about 2 hours long and fantastic. myself, julie, and the stenger triplets (greg, dorothy and scott) enjoyed the show and todd's antics on stage. i was a bit disappointed that 'our hero' didn't play 'the surf talks' after 'hammer in my heart' as he has done at other shows but all is forgiven. those that missed the show, missed one of his better performances in the area.

now let me stand on my soapbox and urge all todd fans to unite behind todd and support patronet. if you love todd's music, you've got to become a subscriber...visit and sign could've been listening to 'buffalo grass', 'hit me like a train' and 'i hate my frickin isp' for a long time before the show and you could've gotten his latest cd with an alternate take of 'love of the common man' that didn't make it to the album from the 'with a twist sessions'; or you could be listening to 'the surf talks', 'where does the time go?', 'jerk' or the instrumental 'mary and the holy ghost'....but ya gotta subscribe.

all in all we were happy, hurty, angry, dirty, and dippy....and we loved it...!!!! thanks to roger for his website with the best compilation of todd stuff on the planet.

long live rock,

(aka gerard skibinski)

ps.....anybody find the guitar pick?

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