Indianapolis Review - 6/27/00

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What a night.
What a difference a month makes.
What a venue.

It was exactly one month ago I saw the boys in Kalamazoo at a large, nearly sold out venue called the State Theatre. Nice place. Unfortunately, not my kind of place to see TR. So when I got the chance to make the trip to Indy for a saloon setting I was pretty excited. Ok there's good and bad aspects here. I thought the good old boys greeting us were gonna check for cowboy boots and chaps before they let us in....the good news - it was a nice, comfortable setting with a good sound system.

And even better yet, TR was in a great mood and sounded awesome all night long. The sense of humor was working too and we were even treated to a little "Queen" in the midst of Love in Action !!!

This has been quite a week for me. On June 20 in Indy I saw Don Henley and he played everything I like. On June 24 in Chicago I saw Steely Dan and they played everything I like. And on June 27 in Indy I saw Todd and he didn't play one of my top 20 favorite TR songs and STILL it was the best concert !!! This guy is awesome.

Now back to my top 20 TR's always changing and after last night I may just have to make room for There Goes My Inspiration and Secret Society....they were very good.

Sorry Leigh and Sarah couldn't be there with me last night. They could have seen Todd up close and personal and on top of his game. And it might have been nice to have Jeff, Aaron and Deric there, but let's face it......if they got tossed in Kalamazoo there's not a chance in hell they'd have made it through this show !

Now it's on to Traverse City. I'm a little apprehensive about the outdoor venue, but we'll give it a shot. And Todd - nice outfit. I much prefer the Hawaiian T-shirt to the previous get up. Peace.

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