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I was surprised by the venue as it is a true "shit kickers" country bar on the westside of Indy. In fact the sign out front cautions against wearing spurs and we were literally frisked (not just patted down) on our way in the door by some cowboy. I am not at all surprised about the response the other couple got. Todd complained about the Vogue and I must agree in many ways the facility is nicer at 8 Second Saloon but come on Todd. Probably a sell-out at Vogue.

The show was very good and Kasim was excellent. Black and White was a highlight as well as Inspiration. There are so many songs that would lend themselves well to this power trio format it was probably difficult for them to choose.

My biggest disappointment was Todd's complete reluctance to mingle with the small but very devoted crowd that was there after the show. I find it Ironic(a) that in spite of the fact that 6/28 was an off day that he was too busy to stick around for what might have taken 30 minutes to sign a few autographs and share some comments with the crowd. I would guess there were probably thirty people that stood around for an hour by his bus after the show hoping to express their gratitude (none of whom looked anything but thrilled to be there) only to have Todd choose to act like a rock star and slip in and out through a back door!

Bruce Miller

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