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Being a Todd fan of 33 years (and I even named my first son after him), my wife and I made the pilgrimage from North Carolina to my hometown of Pittsburgh to see Todd at Metropol. It is a great venue for this concert, intimate and decent sound.

Todd ``felt at home'' among his Pittsburgh faithful. This has always been a good Todd town and tonight was no different and it pulled a great performance from the trio. Todd was in good voice and played great...the whole band cooked. They brought new life to the older songs, especially songs like ``Trapped'', which reached a new raw intensity it never had before. The interplay between Kasim and Todd was fresh and wild. Todd's guitar ``#1 lowest common denominator'' cried like a screaming angel. Todd proved again that he can play the blues with the best of them.

Living in the south now, I appreciated Todd's reference to his ukelele on ``Bang the drum'' as a BIG HONKIN UKELELE.

The new songs soared. ``I hate my ISP'' started things off on a high note. ``Buffalo Grass'' seems to be an instant Todd Classic...great hooks and harmonies.

By the time the crowd got drenched with ``World Wide Epiphany'' and ``Couldn't I just tell you'' for the encores, everyone was beyond satisfied and energized.

Like many others, I waited afterwards in hopes of an autograph. All the times I have seen Todd over the past some 30 years, I have never gotten a chance at an autograph. His driver intimated that this could be his last tour, so I figured I better take my shot now. Unfortunately, they hustled Todd and the band out a different exit. I did get a chance to slow down Todd's personal assistant and slip her a CD cover and my address to see if she could get it to Todd...I'll be watching the mail.

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6/26/2000 - Metropol - Pittsburgh, PA

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