Pittsburgh, PA Show 6/26 at Metropol

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No reviews from Pittsburgh yet?! Maybe it's up to me.

Anyway, this was one of the best Todd appearances I've seen. We had one of Todd's youngest fans with us, our 14 year old son, and he had a great time! Figured we had to start out his concert going with the best. Had never seen Todd at Metropol and it was a nice replacement for Grafffiti (where he was last summer) which was closed earlier this year. 

Lots of die hard fans and as usual, TR didn't disappoint. Early in the show he said it "felt like home" and I took it to mean he must enjoy playing here in Pittsburgh. Todd, Kasim and Trey had great energy and a good mix of old and new songs. Looking forward to Patronet and appearance at Regatta here in town.

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6/26/2000 - Metropol - Pittsburgh, PA

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