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I arrived at Mohegan Sun at a little past 6 PM to be greeted by a very long line to get into the Wolf's Den. I didn't think that I stood a chance to get in, but as luck would have it I made it. I' ve been to this venue before and I knew that they had a very good sound system so I was hoping that the sound quality would be better than what I had read about from the earlier shows. I wasn 't disappointed. Technical problems were not as bad as earlier shows. There was a little problem with guitar pedals but that was worked out. Now on to the performance. Todd, his guitars, and the whole band were smokin'! By the time they got to the 4th cut, #1LCD, the guitar was soaring!

Next was Love In Action which is not my favorite Utopia song, but Todd's guitar solo was right on. When Trapped came on, yeow! Kas's vocals sounded absolutely great! Ah, visions of Utopia! Hey 50% of Utopia were here which is enough to get me to this show. The acoustic set was a real treat. It was special for me to hear Todd do Hide Your Love Away since I have never heard him do it before. Now for another treat, Secret Society! I don't recall seeing this song on the previous set lists so this show may have been the 1st on this tour. Of course the Ikon was another highlight with Todd pulling out all the stops. Like other fans, I would' ve liked to have heard the vocal parts on this cut, especially with Kas pitching in on vocals. Open My Eyes, speaks for itself! With Mystified, and Broke Down and Busted, more of the same. Next, Buffalo Grass which is one of the reasons why I wanted to go to this show. This is my favorite song on the new disc. I' ve had the new disc for a little over a week now and I knew that I would like it when I first heard the opening notes so it was another highlight amidst an evening of many highlights. The Wolf's Den has a bunch of tables and booths and I usually don't see people getting up to dance there. Well, with the opening chords to One World, a whole bunch of fans couldn' t control themselves any longer and they ran to the front of the stage and started jumping, and dancing! What a great scene! Of course the 2 encores were outstanding, Hammer In My Heart and the great show closer, WWE! Usually the free shows at the Wolf's Den last for an hour or so. Well, Todd gave us 2 hours of a performance which no one can put a price tag on. All in all, everyone in the band seemed to be having a great time. Trey was ok on drums. Not only is Kas a great bass player, and vocalist (mighty fine background vocals on Buffalo Grass) but he is also a real preofessional! Todd's guitar playing was so dynamic that it had me wishing for the ultimate reunion, Utopia. If you want to see Todd at his guitar rocking best, don't miss this tour!

Keep Your Eye On The Ikon

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6/24/2000 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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