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Well, Sadly the tour had to come to an end. I thought I would leave my review of the Mohegan sun show in hopes that maybe OH would get a chance to read these great reviews that were left by his fans.

A little background on myself if I may, I am a 29 year old guitarist who has been deeply influenced by Todd since an early age. I have great memories as a child such as writing a letter to Todd (actually it was the address for Bearsville records on the small print of the "Back to the Bars" album) and receiving through the mail a poster of the "Adventures in Utopia" album cover in return. Also watching Utopia perform "The very last time" on the John Davidson show. Where all the other kids my age were listening to groups such as Kiss, Village People and crap of that sort, I was turned on to Todd by my uncles when I received the "Todd" album as a gift at the tender age of 7. So I was hooked in at a early age.

I've followed Todd's career for years and years but, never had the oppurtunity to see my Hero perform live. So I jumped at the chance to go see OH at Mohegan Sun. Unfortunately, Nobody I knew really ever heard of Todd so they weren't privy to the idea of driving 90 minutes, so darnit, I went solo. When I arrived at Mohegan Sun, the line going into the Wolf's Den seemed 8 miles long. I thought there was no chance I would be getting anywhere near the room much less inside. Well, Good luck was with me that night after waiting in line for a good 2 hours or more, Myself and a dude I met there waiting in line in front of me were the last 2 people they would allow into the stand room only area! I could not believe it! I was finally going to see my childhood hero perform live!!!

Well, needless to say, as you can tell by the other reviews of the night's festivitites, the show was an absolute gas. I had a great spot to stand, and the sound was superb. Myself being a musician and having about 10 years experience of playing different clubs, chuckled to myself when OH would experience Tech. difficulties with his effects rack for his guitar. (I feel your pain, Todd).

I know this review might be long overdue, but I had to write it just to show my appreciation for in my opinion The most underrated musician of our time. The show was and always will be a highlight in my life. I will never forget almost getting misty eyed when the first notes to #1.L.C.D., were belted out, and when they busted into The Ikon, those 2 songs made me want to become a guitarist at the age of 7.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who submitted a review on all the shows of this tour, and especially a big thank you to Todd, Kasim, and Trey for a show I will never forget. One of the highlights in my career as a musician, in my band, was actually having a review of our cd in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette that included a quote saying I was a Todd Rundgren Fanatic and My guitar style truly showed it, I was floored when I read that. But seeing my hero belt out those great tunes will always be a high point in my life.

Thanx again.

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6/24/2000 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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