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Mohegan Sun- Wolf Den
Uncasville, CT

The Verb "To Sizzle" doesn't do this show justice. This show is on FIRE!! Here is the Set List.
I Hate My Fricken ISP
Couldn't I just Tell You
Love of the Common Man
#1 Lowest Common Denominator ( Way too Cool )
Love In Action
There Goes My Inspiration
Play This Game
Black and White
 ( Acoustic )
Hide Your Love Away
Bang the Uke
  ( Back to the Steam )
Secret Society
The Ikon
Open My Eyes
Mystified/ Broke Down and Busted / Mystified
Yer Fast, But I like It
Buffalo Grass
One World
Encore #1 Hammer in my Heart
Encore #2 Worldwide Epiphany
The Wolf Den is a great place to see a show. They also have the biggest brooms Todd has ever seen and since it opened five or so years ago, I've wondered how long would be before Todd came to town and what would the format be. Well here he is and the Power Trio Tour is Jammin. Show Started promptly at 8pm. ISP, (amidst the guy cleaning up the mess in the front of the stage) CIJTY and LOCM are just a warm up but when he goes into #1 LCD, The show starts to show a new light. LIA and Trapped are Hot.

The Show is moving along well and we are ready to wrap up Black and White when all of a sudden........Todd Loses his guitar, That damn pedal again. Todd fortunately didn't throw his guitar at anyone as I was anticipating, He just told the pedal that he hated it and went on to the acoustic set.

After playing Cliché, He played The Ever Popular Beatles Tune " Hide Your Love Away " for the much appreciative crowd on the perimeter who couldn't get in. OH also let the Good Ole Folks just takin up seats to take up seats to "Give em UP!! and let some of the people waiting to get in to have a seat. One such lucky couple were escorted right up to the front table. Judging from the grins on their faces, I'd say they were really happy. And that's what it's all about. I didn't tell my wife or our guests about the Bang on the Uke deal, so after his spiel about the Hawaiian War Chant, which was hilarious, OH played Bang On My Drum with a Uke, they as most folks were delighted. Very Funny.....But Good!

Secret Society? What can I say, Great Song, Great hand motions!

The Ikon was Awesome! The guitar work was just out of this world, Sizzlin, Crisp and Intense. Kasim was smokin on Bass and Trey blew me away on the skins. Killer song, absolutely killer. But wait, just when you thought you saw it all, here comes Open My Eyes. Yes, a Nazz tune! That was a first for me and I'm sure it was for a lot of fans.

M/BD&B/M was soooooo good. Ahh to hear the old Bluesy TR !!! The shows that aren't getting this tune are really missing something special. This was the first time I have heard Yer Fast and Buffalo Grass. I was very impressed. They both sounded great.

To close the set, The former Utopian Anthem, One World. I used to hate that song because that always meant the end of another show and I would rather the band be playing something else that they didn't play.... (like The Last Ride! What a closing tune) ....but it sure sounded good tonight regardless. For the encore, They came out with a very powerful Hammer in my Heart. Here it comes again! At this point I got out of my nice comfortable booth and went up front. I'm glad I wasn't sitting there, The vocals were light up there. After cheering for yet another encore we had the honor of singing Happy Birthday to OH and he quickly told us that we were too kind and that we were a few days late. That's not our fault, he should have booked two earlier shows in addition. That would have covered the Birthday problem.

He thanked us with WWE which was absolutely SMOKIN, although the vocals were light in volume where we were standing, my brother back at the table said the "whole sound" was great there. Rap and all!

So there you have it, A truly tremendous show, technical difficulties and all, this was a great show and I have to go along with everyone else who has been saying " Don't Miss This Show!" My guests, two TR virgins, were extremely impressed. This is what we want.

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6/24/2000 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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