Trio Concert, June 24th...Mohegan Sun

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This venue (Mohegan Sun Casino) was the worst I've ever witnessed a concert at. We arrived from Boston for an 8:00 p.m. show at a time I considered early (5:45) and found ourselves approx. 100th in line. The doors 'opened' at 6:30, but just before that we were imformed by security that we wouldn't make it into the lounge. Apparently there were 100 VIP passes set aside, and the 100 people in front of us were holding places for more than twice that! We ended up out in the casino, where you could view the show, but the sound was seriously lacking. Anytime Todd talked between songs (which were numerous) we had no clue as to what he said. The guitars were muddled and Todd's barely audible. A few times it was obvious he was unhappy with the sound, but eventually seemed resigned to the fact there was no solution available. Add to that the noise from nearby 'video gambling' machines, it was a huge dissapointment.

We ended up nearly behind the stage for decent acoustics but no sight line. The band was excellent, and both Todd and Kaz were in fine voice. However, it was more than halfway through the show before we located this spot to listen from.

How do you advertise a lounge as seating 300, and then make less than half that available to the general public? Brutal!

The most dissapointing aspect was the fact that Todd and the boys played killer songs, and all you could do was TRY to understand them. Despite the logistical problems, YER FAST, BUFFALO GRASS, PLAY THIS GAME, TRAPPED & OPEN MY EYES made it worthwhile.

I'm definitely not a fan of 'CASINO CONCERTS'!

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6/24/2000 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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