Westbury Music Fair 6/23/00

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The show was nearly perfect. I'll provide some random observations. Photos by 11:00 Eastern tomorrow.

Todd sold over 1500 tickets. Westbury is in the round with 3000 seats and a revolving stage. Westbury advertises a lot. The show was advertised early on as "in the half round" a designation that left the later ads, keeping me wondering. The half round was sold out and there was a limited view section on each side with scattered attendees. I get the impression that these seats became available later as the half sold so well. The stage remained stationary.

Longtime NY DJ Marc Coppola announced. He's Francis Ford Coppola's nephew. I never saw him before. He looks a lot like his little brother, Nicholas Cage.

Comedian Jeff Caldwell opened, he was very funny.

Kas used crutches to get to the side of the stage and hopped to his stool. Upon returning for an encore Todd hopped in circles on one foot, arms out like a drunken airplane. Kas picked up a crutch by the bottom end and swung it baseball bat style at Todd. Todd mentioned how Buddy Rich was hard on his band members and commented "well sometimes you gotta pay the price, too many clams, next time it's the leg". Kas spent most of the night balancing on the stool, looking like he was going to fall off. During WW Epiphany he stood on one foot balancing himself with the bad one, after about ten seconds he thought better of it and sat down.

Todd introduced the guitars, Foamy, Percy, Blackie, Eugene. He commented on BB King having Lucille and that just because his guitars were all male it wasn't a gay thing.

Trapped was superb, my wife reminds me she thinks Kas has a better voice than Todd.

Open My Eyes was a treat, very nice.

My wife mentions that Yer Fast is the first Todd song she liked before hearing it twenty times. This was her first.

My sister loved that song about consumerism.(?)

There are tapes of the keyboards running for at least Surf's Up, Secret Society, and Worldwide Epiphany.

My favorite Larry Tagg part of Worldwide Epiphany barely got played by Kas. The hand running up the neck four times, loud in the mix.

No technical problems, very few (3?) minor glitches.

All in all the same old thing - absolutely spectacular!



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6/23/2000 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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