Westbury Music Fair

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This is my 16th Todd show and I must say that this one was not for the "Hello It's Me" crowd. The set list was pretty much the same as the ones in the previous shows on the tour. The crowd was large and somewhat sedate. The show opened with a comic- who's name I missed, and he was hysterical. Todd finally came out to the thrill of the crowd. This was Vintage Todd and his vocals and guitar were in rare form. He was as good In my opinion as he has ever been. After the 5th song my wife stated to complain that it was too loud and "Why doen't he play any of the Bossa Nova Stuff". Well I explained to her that his is sort of vintage stuff, and only for the Todd at heart". Kasim was totally awesome and Trey put on a drum clinic. The crowd was on the queit side though there were pockets of enthusiasm. Todd did get two standing ovations and did two encores- poor Kasim - he should have just waited onstage. Todd said- I hope the musics not fair - get it, the Westbury music fair-and the crowd went crazy. I thought the sound quality was fair, the stage presence good and the set list mediocore at best-unless of course you are Todd literate and dig his new stuff- which is not my total cup of tea.

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6/23/2000 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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