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I got tickets to the show the the day they went on sale and was blessed with 7th row center seats. Having read all the reviews prior to the show I pretty much knew what to expect. The show opened with a comic and he was quite good. After a short intermission the man with the plan came out and he, Kasim, and Trey were ready to rock. I heard ISP on the Conin O'brien show and thought it was a catchy tune- as was bang on the drum when it was relaesed. I think this song has hit potential given the timely nature of the lyrics.

Whenever an artist has a new release and tours it is only natural that they will need to promote the new material and of course Todd is no exception. I thought though because he played only one set that one new song would have been enough.

Being a professional guitarist myself I can say that Todds riffing was accurate and deadly but I never really put Todd in the catagory of the my guitar heroes What I idolize in Todd is his creative uniqueness and his ability to bring out emotions in me from the lyrics and harmonies he produces. So having said that, this show was not on the top of my list of Todd's shows. Actually, the best Todd show that I ever saw was in Japan (Live in Japan VCR). I watch that damn thing at least once a month. All in all it was a good show even thogh for this reviewer the set list was not awesome. Drop me a message at Horses4you389985

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6/23/2000 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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