Concert Review of Jaxx in Springfield, VA

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A Concert Review of Jaxx in Springfield, VA would have to include Todd's exclamation that "tonight was a night of firsts": The first show on the East coast, and the first show that they are performing with full knowledge that Kasim certainly has a broken foot from falling on (off?) the stage in Anaheim or LA! They weren't sure it was seriously hurt until Mary Lou sat with him all night in the university hospital here in DC on Monday eve.

He played and looked well resting on a stool, his foot in a cast.

WARNING *SET LIST* Cover your eyes if you want to be surprised like I did when he comes to your town!

I Hate my fricken isp
play this game
love of the common man
black and white
fix your gaze
No. 1 lowest common denominator (great guitar solos screamed)
there goes my inspiration
couldn't i just tell you
yer fast (and i like it) a real power trio song... And from the ridiculous to the sublime...
bang on the ukelele daily
temporary insanity
the ikon (approx. 5 minutes worth plus solos - Jim kept saying, I can't believe they played it.)
open my eyes(!)
love in action
buffalo grass (I loved this one)
one world
hammer in my heart
worldwide epiphany
There were folks signing up for Patronet at Ed's table.

Before the show TR did two interviews, one for a documentary on the old night club in DC called the bayou (Hear that Mr. Ed?)

And another long one, and very interesting too, for a show called FM Odyssey, which is syndicated on public radio stations (some of which, he said, stream (over the internet) the shows as they are aired!) If I get wind of when this program is to be aired, I'll let you know. Ed Vigdor also videotaped the whole radio interview with Todd's DVD camera for possible use on Patronet.

Finally, i can report that i gave Todd a copy of the dub of the Dallas partay Music video that I finished mixing last week. He said they could use it on Patronet, and was looking forward to popping in the tape (13:48 minutes) on their bus.

Over and out...

Your roving positive news reporter,

Geraldine, who had a great time

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6/20/2000 - Jaxx - Springfield, VA

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