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Todd's Power Trio landed at Jaxx Tuesday night on one foot. Kasim came hobbling in on crutches and proceeded to his seat on stage right to play the show on his bum! As Todd commented officially during the almost two-hour show, Kasim had indeed broke his foot during CIJTY in Anaheim two days ago. This didn't seem to alter the show in the least (although I did miss him kicking around on stage). They really tore the house down during a searing version of TRAPPED. Other highlights (for me) included a stunning PLAY THIS GAME (Trey held down the beat, incredibly powerful drumming throughout the show, great drummer with the tubes), TEMPORARY SANITY, and a special treat was hearing/seeing them perform OPEN MY EYES. This had the older fans really bubbling. What more can I say about THE IKON other than Thank You Todd for bringing this 1974 gem back to life. I almost fell off my stool gyrating to the pulsating bass line that anchors HAMMER IN MY HEART. That one always gets me bouncing. It had been over two years since my last Todd show (Jaxx again - 2/21/98) but with the great reviews pouring in about this current tour, I have no choice but to head up to Pittsburgh and Harrisburg for future shows in August. Hopefully the sound will be better at the Harrisburg show, I was a bit disappointed in the mix at Jaxx but the musicianship overall was stellar. Missed a few of the diehard Todd heads that I've usually seen at the mid-atlantic shows from the past but I want to mention a few who helped make the Toddfest an even better evening. Thanks to Debbie Ruggles for getting their early and being my Todd soulmate. Ditto to Tony Rogers - always a pleasure to hang with the diehard Toddites. Also met some new (to me ) Todd fans. Chris Brown - I saw you singing to all those favorites - thanks for hanging out with us and providing your insight and camaraderie (see you at the Tubes show in July, Todd in August). Enough of this stuff! My last thoughts are to Todd and Boys - thanks again for keeping the flame lit and helping me through the tough times. Now go kick some ass at Power Lunch....See you all down the road.


Play this Game
Love of the Common Man
Black & White
Fix your Gaze (excellent)
#1 LCD
CIJTY (Todd was laughing at Kasim now...)
Trapped (tear your head off...)
Yer Fast (but I like it)
Bang on the Uke
Temporary Sanity (pump it up)
The Ikon (the guitar was
Open my Eyes (and the fans started to melt...)
Love in Action
Buffalo Grass (good hooks..)
One World
Hammer in my Heart (keep this in the setlist forever!)
World Wide Epiphany (what a great finishing tune..)
Thanks again Todd.....

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6/20/2000 - Jaxx - Springfield, VA

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