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I had a chance to see "Power Trio Tour" shows four times.

Sunset HOB, Ventura Theatre, Sunset Station Casino in Henderson, and SunTheatre in Anaheim. So, The Sun Theatre was our last stop in U.S.

First off,Trey's so impressive. Probably one of most favorite drummer. (I really like Prairie's play) I was really surprised when I first heard this trio at HOB.

With Trey, TR remembered how he loves to play guitar?

Before I saw real live,I thought this tour is like extended half part(rock show) of "Half Twisted"tour + new tunes from "One Long Year". But it's not.Never be the same band.(of course) It was awesome Trio.And Kas did a great job,too. Even Foamy seemed different. It is such a great tour. I've read good messages about the tour on Beyond Awiz list. The real live was more than I thought.

Perhaps all of these good shows were just because of a brand new foot controller?

I couldn't wait to hear "Yer Fast" live. Since OLY was released in Japan in May, I was hooked on this tune.Too cool. And live version was bit different. Way cool,too.Probably Trey's drums + Kasim's bass.Funky.

"Buffalo Grass"--I love this song since August 1998.(At that time,it was just MIDI) Trey rules again with his drumming.Very effective. TR's vocal's just great.

I only got "The Surf Talks" once this time, cause TR gave us a longer set just once in Anaheim.(Other three shows were shorter sets with opening act.) A bit different live version from "Half Twisted"live. Heavier.Better. And "Hit Me Like a Train" too.(just once,this time for me) In "Half Twisted "tour,it sounds like a "rock" song. This time,it has enough "soul",so I like it a lot. TR sang this tune with heart. (I wish I heard both tunes one more time......)

I don't know how to describe in English--but I realized how I like TR's guitar play again. As a guitar part,my highlight was maybe Ikon and #1LCD.Setlist varies every night. So it was thrill when I hear guitar phrase of Ikon all of a sudden.

And glad to hear various sounds of five guitars and ukulele.(Persy,John Lennon, Lace Helix,Takamine, Foamy and Eugene) (I didn't see Black Blades in these four shows. And I don't think I hear TR's guitar name lecture --except Eugene. Maybe he got bored same story?)

I found "Open My Eyes" live was so charming. How adorable this tune is! I wasn't really into Nazz--but this is such a good live song.What a fun.

Also "There Goes My Inspiration" with the band is real nice.( I've never heard Utopia live version in 80's before.Utopia had never made it to Japan during 80's)Persy sounds great. Speaking of Persy,I forgot to mention about "ISP".It's good live tune.

enjoyed this tour a lot.(want to see a couple more shows,if it's possible)

(many thanks to the audiences in Orange County)


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6/18/2000 - The Sun Theatre - Anaheim, CA

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