The Sun Also Rises.

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Setlist (slightly skewed order)
    Play this Game
    Love of the CM
    Yer Fast
    Love in Action
    Ukelele Banging
    Temporary Sanity
    Buffalo Grass
    One World
Encore #1
    Surf Talks
Encore #2
Comments. Nice hall, very large set with four tiers of seating. Really strange seating arrangements with a large portion of the "good seats" (those closest to the stage and most expensive) on the lowest tier curved in such a way so that you ended up with terrible sound under the monitors and a sadly reduced view of the stage if you were on the side Needless to say, our contingent promptly motated to a section farther back and center with INCREDIBLE SOUND!! Easily the best of the three shows I've seen soundwise. The hall was so empty with so many vacant seats that after the fourth or firth tune one could wander around and literally choose where you wanted to sit among the four tiers.

The hall was only about a third full, with large gaps in the seating up front that led to repeated commentary by OH ("We'll give them until 9:15 and then they're up for grabs"). Obviously it was a bit disconcerting for him to see these huge vacancies in the close seats in conjunction with a somewhat empty hall. Todd invited the Japanese contingent down to front row center vacancies, stating, "These seats are taken!" Very cool, they saw a great show, and I believe TR was playing to them for a goodly portion of it. Performance was exceptional. Certain tunes difficult to perform in the three piece format are starting to settle in more. Temporary Sanity for one, WWE for another. Just about every solo was NAILED, hammered in, as it were. LCD, B+W, Mystified all shared blistering fretwork, very inventive, not run of the mill solos. The Ikon I found particularly thrilling. Some flubs, TR blows most ot the lyrics to ISP, inspiring great hilarity from Kaz, who suffers a pratfall of his own attempting the "Utopia marching kick" of old during Love in Action. No Trapped though, more's the pity. A certain order is now emerging in the performance, and certain tunes are clearly relegated to rotational status in a fairly static framework of new and classic tunes. Yer Fast is quickly emerging as a show stopper, IMHO one of the best tunes TR has writ in some time. Guitars are sounding better in what has been, according to informed sources, a running battle with the sound guy to up the presence of the hallowed ax in the mix, particularly Foamy, who suffers from a certain anemic, trebly tone that TR apparently loves but does not cut through the bass heavy mix. That's improving, certainly better participation than SF or Viejas.


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6/18/2000 - The Sun Theatre - Anaheim, CA

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