Henderson, ( it can't happen here, n I can't see through my hair)

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Henderson set list ! Sunset Station , Fri. 06/16/2000

Ok , excuse this post if it is redundant, we just rolled up the driveway in the " Caravan " ( home at last ) it's nearing 0430 PDT Sunday, and this writer has managed 4 hours sleep since the show Friday night...

Outdoors, on the lawn , the full moon rising behind the open stage. The boyz hit their stride early. No words to describe the level of KICK ASS heard by all ( without using positive exponents in the process Hard to say this w/o knowing it'll sound cliché... ( no , on second thought it is a fact ( disclaimer :in my opinion ...) again , to reiterate <g> it's a fact that my own experience at Henderson was .. where are the words dammit.. transcending , like space bending [Yer Fast {and I like it)]was missing from the set list , so it wasn't all perfect , yano? Sunglasses: ON at all times) TR drew the audience attention towards the Jumbotron Sign at the entrance to Sunset Stations parking lot directly north of the main entrance to the Casino "... See that?... ROCK STARS!... That's us..." ( i think I saw a genuine smile along with a well deserved self-pat-on-the-back , with Kaz and Trey included...

Never *(after 26 years )did I expect to hear CIJTY , live, as true to the original as any live performance should be ... ( i.e.. not the Utopia style " we have to play this  the obligatory S/A fave , but let's do it faster and get it over with , ok? ) Kasim , Todd , both in black cazzual ( looked like cotton t's and matchin long leggings/ stretch jams .. hey I'm not a fashion writer . er ok here's the set list. ( I'll post a bit of anecdotal Power Tr-iO/Henderson review bits if i can remember them after some restorative time where i can't see a thing but the rem-sleep colors and all that.)

'Til eye open my I's.
TRS ( Acknowledgment to Cindy, she who is burning the midnight oil by my side ... who says to mention that Kaz and Todd were looking really, really nice . ( I wonder what that means... and why is my hair suddenly blonde? >:)      


Couldn't I Just Tell You
Love  Of The Common Man
Black and White
Fix Your Gaze
#1 LCD ( this  never  does  suck . ever , in any universe  fwiw <g>
Love In Action
There Goes My Inspiration
Temporary Sanity
Open My Eyes
Buffalo Grass ( sweet   and  sad and  dirty and  this one hits me  where it hurts good)
One World ( whoa frkin awsomeagain)

encore (three standing O's)

The Ikon ( if you knowwhatimean the three of them sounded like 7)

Hammer in My Heart

Worldwide Epiphany

( herein lies the source of the cryptic topic subtitle at the top of the , er scroll up , that whatsit up there , it's er , the topic , yeah yeah. Riddle of sorts .. anyone want to give that a shot at what it wuz , well Itelya I KNOW more than one or two of ya folks would have been really amused and such.. Good show.

TRS zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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6/16/2000 - Sunset Station Casino - Henderson, NV

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