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I didn't think he had it in him, but Todd layed down the law with his guitar last night at the House Of Blues in LA.

They did killer versions of Black and White, The Icon, and the best version of Trapped I've ever seen! It gave me major goosebumps.

Unfortunetly the sound was excrutiatingly loud. The sound mixer was soooooo bad. It was so loud that it ruined all the dymanics of the show. He was also unfamiliar with the material and missed several musical cues. Unmusical people have no business behind the board!! But some heavy duty earplugs and a couple of heavy duty cocktails seemed to deaden my pain.

The drummer reminded me of Cosy Powell. A heavy metal guy. Very adequate, but also very predictable.

Kasim sounded and played better than ever. He and Todd trading vox riffs on Trapped was totally smokin! I forget what a bitchin bass player he is.

After the show we went upstairs and we were told Todd was so exausted he might not be coming out. In my opinion he laid it all out there and deserves the rest!

This is the tour all you guitar hero worshippers have been waiting for. Go pay homage!

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