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This has to be the best rock and roll show I've ever seen. It's interesting to attend multiple shows to see on different nights that different songs are either better or less better. Here are my thoughts (of course after the song list):
        Couldn't I Just Tell You 
        Love Of The Common Man 
        #1 LCD 
        Love In Action 
        Fix Your Gaze 
        There Goes My Inspiration 
        Play This Game 
        Black & White 
        Yer Fast ( & I Like It) 
        Bang The Uke 
        Temporary Sanity 
        Open My Eyes 
        Buffalo Grass 
        One World 

Hammer In My Heart


ISP is definitely catchy. It's got good energy and since the band is so loud, you can't make out the goofy lyrics anyway.

CIJTY is rockin' and rollin' again. Just like in Alpine on Monday night. I'm diggin' this tune. The energy is high tonight. The crowd is respectable in terms of space and everyone is gettin' down in the house tonight.


#1 LCD I must say is tighter than Alpine. I truly didn't think that was possible. I felt like I was a string on his guitar. I wish I was a string on his guitar. Todd's playing here was so precise and clear. Not a beat missed. Kasim was doing the same, as well as being the babe of the universe!!!

LOVE IN ACTION I hate this song. Went to the ladies room. But as I was leaving the front and walked through the crowd, everyone was just movin'and groovin'. The crowd likes this song.


Right about now, Todd acknowledges our friends from Japan, Keiko and Mari, who are promptly in the front row center. Todd greets them a 'Hello' in Japanese.

THERE GOES MY INSPIRATION did I say I could do without this song? This just doesn't fit in this 'heavy metal' theme. Left for the ladies room again.

PLAY THIS GAME has energy. More energy than Alpine. And though Alpine was so tight, there was a louder, bigger, better presence here tonight. I couldn't tell you why, but I can tell you that this became my second favorite song of the night.

BLACK & WHITE once again has no failures. The crowd is so happy that they can now count on pure perfection and rock and roll to the end of the evening. I am still reeling from Play This Game that I am unable to absorb the wonderful sounds of this song.

YER FAST (& I LIKE IT) What a kick! This song is nothing but fun. And again, when the rockin' guitar solo comes, it takes me away. Maybe I could talk Todd into re-writing the guitar solo and making it the entire song (of course to suit my pleasure.)

TRAPPED Kasim's vocals continue to shine here. I'd say this is my first favorite song of the night and probably will be forever. Todd's vocals are quite impressive here in this song too and I can't decide who to focus on. Energy boost here was had by all. I reached energy boost climax right about now.

CLICHÉ buh bye

BANG THE UKE well the crowd let out some laughs for this one and really enjoyed the creativeness of this song from it's original version. Pitch is good tonight, just like in Alpine and 'AHYEEEEEEEEEEE I'm On My Way' was belted out good this time. Crowd has big smiles while they're moving to the beat.

TEMPORARY SANITY smooth, lively, but not too energetic. Love the rap part as usual, but the crowd has slowed down a tad. This song doesn't have the same oomph that the audience has heard since this trio stepped on the stage.

OPEN MY EYES is great. Maybe after a second listen, I've gotten used to the pace. Very tight, vocals nice and smooth, and let me tell you that the people all around were bouncing, singing their hearts out, and the look on some faces were as if they had just taken a shot of heroin. This tune is the coolest - mostly because he's playing it.

IKON This was my herion. I feel the intense, perfect, rocked-out factor here is shared among all on stage. Kasim was so right on, so flawless and so prominent in his sound, energy, and presence. Did I mention that he is also the babe of the universe? Todd really did it this time. He performed this song with 100% perfection. Topping it could be utterly impossible.

BUFFALO GRASS is still one of my new favs. Audience is liking it too. There's a smooth guitar solo here that keeps everyone happy with the consistency of rock and roll that's without a doubt happening tonight. Vocals are holding up so well. The lyrics are dear to my heart.

ONE WORLD this is where I take Karen and wrap my arms around her until we can't dance in the same beat anymore. Can you feel the love?

HAMMER IN MY HEART This song makes me move like I didn't know I could. It's the bass line. LOVE


I know I haven't mentioned Trey much. I'm not really a drum person but he's really a great fit. He does a great drum solo in one of the songs but I can't recall which song it was. It may have been Yer Fast.

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