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After letting a day catch up on sleep etc. I thought I'd check the reviews for the Viejas show. Not too shabby...but from my perspective it wasn't quite as rosy as the other reviewers indicated. It all depends on where yer viewing from. And the far left side of the front row was NOT the place to be. If you EVER see a show at Viejas, sit somewhere in the middle or up in the balcony (as apparently Hromoko did).

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE OH and I always am mucho appreciato of his efforts. But the sound was absolutely horrible from where we were seated. We could BARELY make out the vocals. The speakers were high above us, so the sound went right over our heads (literally). Still I was able to tell...that OH's voice was virtually perfect (which made the sound problem, all that more difficult to accept...tears are welling up just thinking about it). Thank God though, when he performed acoustically on Cliche' and Bang the Baritone Flea...we could actually HEAR! Cuz Cliche' was SWEET, Baby!

My stunning date (who caught Kaz' eye a few times) and I migrated to the bar, so we were able to really enjoy Todd's Jammin' Garage Band for the rest of the show. Whew! At least until his closing with WWE, where we opted to go back up to the stage for a more close and personal experience. Kaz' foundation and Trey's drums were pulsating us (wow)...but once again no vocals could be heard (heck, we could barely make out OH's guitar at this point). OK, as a longtime Onionhead, I was personally able to roll with the sound problems (can still "hear" the vocals in my head, right). But, Tuesday night was my stunning date's introduction to AW-ATS live...and she didn't have the luxury of the internal vocal track, ya know. Oh, how bittersweet the experience was. Sigh.

I feel kinda gypped about Tuesday night and I wanna another night with The Garage Band From Hell! So...all I can say now is, 'someone wire me some cash so I can make a mad dash to the House of Blues tonight!'

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6/12/2000 - Viejas Casino - Alpine, CA

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