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It's all very simple, really. Great sound = equals great show. Viejas has always had a reputation for the best sound in town and that combined with a revitalized Mr. Rundgren made for an amazing evening Tuesday night about 25 miles east of San Diego.

A ridiculously small crowd ("you clap like Republicans" OH quipped) heard the best TR show in YEARS. The man was in the finest voice, harmonies were tight and crisp, Kasim and Trey are a FREIGHT TRAIN and damn, can OH play guitar when he gives the thing a little attention. Once again, it seemed like he was having a great time up there due to the fact that the sound was HAPPENING! KUDOS TO VIEJAS! Memo to future venues-Keep the man happy, get your sound together!

The new stuff is great, particularly Yer Fast and Buffalo Grass. #1 LCD is worth the price of admission and parts of WWE made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. TRAPPED and B + W rock so hard and so clean. Make no mistake about it-this is a rock and roll show. Couldn't help but think that this is what it must of been like back in Philly in some garage at a Nazz rehearsal...

todd made some hilarious comments about artists maturing and ending up playing at casinos ("It was all downhill after Kool and the Gang brought the funk to Vegas")

Best TR show in years. Go out and support the man. He's working real hard this time out.

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6/12/2000 - Viejas Casino - Alpine, CA

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