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Whew! For the first time at a Todd show, I need earplugs. I hope this isn't a sign of age, but that the band was just really loud.

Well I will start off this review saying "don't miss this show". I have never seen this band so tight. First, here's the song list:

Couldn't I Just Tell You
Love of the Common Man
Black and White
Fix Your Gaze
There Goes My Inspiration
Play This Game
1 lcd
Love in Action
Bang the Uke
Yer Fast (& i like it)
Temporary Sanity
Open My Eyes
Buffalo Grass

One World Hammer in My Heart


ISP is a pretty catchy tune. Todd's melody talents work well here. The lyrics are silly I suppose but it still works.

CIJTY rocked! Very tight and I was really impressed with the sound.

LOVE OF THE COMMON MAN i can do without. It was of course good, and todds voice was so on tonight. I've just heard this song too many times to enjoy it anymore.

BLACK & WHITE was increadible. Todd's guitar licks were flawless and sweet sounding. I was feeling fireworks at this point.

FIX YOUR GAZE is one of my favs. And it was loud, tight, and strong

TRAPPED i can't even begin to explain my feelings for this. Kasim's vocals are exactly what the other reviews have said. Right on, pure, clon Wednesday night at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. But needless to say, it was really cool. The interesting thing I noticed was that much of the crowd wasn't really singing along to this one. As if they didn't know the tune.

BUFFALO GRASS one of my new favs. Lyrics are cool and vibe and rhythm is great!

ONE WORLD is a splendid way to start the encores. I have always loved this catchy tune as an ending to the night. I think this is in the exact same class as Just One Victory and Love is the Answer.

HAMMER IN MY HEART (see TRAPPED). I have to say this IS MY FAVORITE. I just can't get enough of this song live EVER!!! So tight.

THE SURF TALKSis also a fun new catchy tune. The vocals seem to need some work, but of course, those are just my ears.

WWE hate

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