June 9, 2000 Seattle, King Kat Theatre

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About half way through the Seattle show Todd mentioned, in a somewhat raspy voice, something about the Cuban cigars from Canada. What did you guys do to him at the Blaine show the night before? Todd’s famous falsetto was all but missing for most of the night. Not to worry though, the man is amazing. He more than made up for it with 2 plus hours of blazing guitar work and inspired performance. Todd is in top guitar form right now. And he left the political rants at the door this time. Thanks Todd.

I didn’t keep a set list but it closely followed the previous shows on this tour.

Some highlights:

The band. Trey and Kasim are frickin’ incredible. Especially on The Ikon. Stanley Clarke has nothing on Kasim. This man is amazing on all fronts. And his voice is even better than the Utopia days. Trey is his equal in every way. They both seemed to be having a blast. Very very tight.

Todd’s introductions of his guitars. One of them (Percy?) was later renamed Bastard after a string broke. HEY! Only 2 broken strings at this show!

Mystified/Broke Down – intense bluesy guitar. This is a side of Todd I’d never seen live!

Love in Action – the break is up to about 1 and a half minutes now.

Open my eyes – never thought I’d hear this one live! This was alone worth the price of admission.

One World – What happened to the 1st verse? Very nice recovery thanks to some help from Kasim.

WorldWide Epiphany – Great song to end a great concert. WorldWide Epiphany has to have one of the coolest bass lines ever composed and it was a treat to see Kasim handle it.

I’ve seen Todd 4 times now and each time is a unique experience. Each is very special and memorable in their own way. This one is memorable in how hard it ROCKS. This is an analog show. And it’s loud – as it should be. 3 guys playing great frickin’ (there’s that word again) tunes. It must be something to have such a vast catalog of music to choose from. It's hard to go wrong when Todd makes up a set list. Still I could have done with a couple more ballads. Also Death of R&R would have been a nice touch. These guys could have pulled it off.

Go see this show if you can. You’ll never see a 52 year old rock this hard.

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6/9/2000 - King Cat Theatre - Seattle, WA

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