Puget Power - Todd's TRio in Seattle

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After Blaine's bar room intimacy, Seattle's show proved to be a quite a interesting contrast. Reserved seats; no alcohol or smoking; better lighting & sound; and Todd's engine seamed to be running considerably cooler in the air conditioned comfort of the King Cat Theater.

Todd joked about how the King Cat used to be the biggest strip joint in Seattle. But it's actually is a pretty civilized room. Prior to the show, the sun lit lobby of the theater was a great place to mingle. Kaz hung there for a while, as did Peter Buck from REM. The staff out front were very friendly.

From start to finish, this was a solid show that drew a several standing ovations from a sell out crowd. The TRio seemed to be more at home on a bigger stage. Todd had room to let his big foot fly -- his performance was great. And both Trey & Kaz were right on the money.

It's painfully obvious that Todd ain't too happy when a guitar string breaks. Early in the show he made good humor of it by announcing that he's renaming his John Lennon Rickenbacker "Bastard". And for the rest of the show, the Bastard didn't let him down.

Here's the most questionable bouncing of an audience member I've ever seen. Midway through he show, a security guy ushered a neighbor of Todd's out of the theater. Her crime? She got on stage between songs to give Todd a quick hug & a two fresh Hawaiian leis. Todd kept one of them on for the rest of the show. And she was back from the showdown with the security guy faster than you could say "Todd's Neighbor". None the less, I think she should make Todd mow her lawn for the rest of the summer for that one. It's not Todd's fault you say? Well OK, Todd should make Kaz to do it then. "Ouch! Ouch!", as Kaz would say...

Thanks Todd, Kaz & Trey.

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