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There I got that out of the way....Wanda and I had a terrific time, just a perfect Todd concert experience. Our Hotel was across the street (literally) so parking was not a problem getting to the King Kat theatre. From the opening adrenaline rush of "I hate my fricken ISP to Hammer in My Heart to the finale of Worldwide Epiphany Todd and the boys had everyone screaming for more...I ran into the "Tiki Girl" in the lobby before the show, she mentioned that she was Todd's neighbor on the island and was going to "leigh" him...sure enough she jumped on stage and hung one around his neck, to which Todd said "you're gonna be in trouble" or something to that effect...I sure hope security let her back in.... People were dancin their brains out by the finale, this was really a great venue for the concert. Unlike some of the past few shows I have seen, where I felt I was in Todd's living room, just him and his puter...this one felt like a real show...(don't get me wrong I like them all, esp the one where he played part of my movie)...I don't know if I should take credit for this but I have been saying to you all for sometime now that Todd should do his version of George Thorogoods 50-50 tour (50 cities 50 nights)...(I guess this would be more like 37-50, but close enough)...Go To This Show!!!!....From beginning to end there was much less commentary and chatter, it was just one song right after another...A couple of broken strings, and a short explanation of what to call his various guitars...but hey except for the lady on my right that wanted Todd to "Play the old stuff"...everyone was ecstatic...This was a show to remember, Todd, Kasim and Trey rocked the house....a perfect evening...Go To This Show!!!!

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6/9/2000 - King Cat Theatre - Seattle, WA

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