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Well, I don't know what show those other "reviewers" were at but I thought the show was dreadful. I drove over 5 hours to see a musician that I've followed since about 1968. I'm a professional musician and I think I have an educated opinion about music. To begin with the overall sound quality was awful! Way overdriven, reverby, and distorted. It was impossible to articulate Todd's vocals or the Bass players. Besides, Todd was generally screeeaamming into the microphone. I hadn't planned to see some amplified histrionic primal screaming maniac spew such crap upon the audience. He did none of his best material. Just LOUD screechy guitar versions of old and new material with pukey punk angst. Perhaps if the vocals were clearer and my ears didn't feel assaulted by way too much volume I might have enjoyed myself a little. Todd is so versatile.....why don't you mix it up more and please those of us that like the good twin and not the evil twin. I never was a Utopia fan but I like the metaphysical side to him. Perhaps it was that bottle of peroxide that fell on the top of your head that has made you so full of anger. Or perhaps you were distracted by your sunglasses that you kept having to push back up to your face. I went there with my 23 y/o daughter who has listened to a lot of TR's music. It was kind of a special Father's Day type thing and we were both actually hoping for something a little inspiring and enlightening ... go figure. Sorry Todd we both hated it and the concert sucked. It felt like an assault to my senses and was truly disappointing.

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6/9/2000 - King Cat Theatre - Seattle, WA

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