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It was quite a treat for the Todd fans from Vancouver, Canada, to see a show so close to home. Blaine is a small town right on the border, just an hour south of town. This was the closest Todd has come to Vancouver since a Utopia show in '80.

As it turned out, the Two Louis show could not have been better!

The biggest surprise of the night was being able to stroll right up to Todd's mic stand as Trio were taking the stage. Todd looked much more fit than the web photos have suggested. We were so close, that you could almost read the fine print on his guitar picks; see sweat rolling down his pick hand, and notice a very tasteful (wedding?) tattoo on his ring finger.

Kazim & Trey both looked fresh & relaxed. Their performances alone were worth the price of admission -- Impossibly tight, and making it all look like they were just having fun.

By comparison Todd seemed pretty serious. There was a noticeable absence of joking between songs. Both he and his guitar tech looked like they were reaching for a good night. And I believe that they both would have been happy. Not one broken string the whole night!

And what amazing fans! No pushing or shoving. At one point a fan next to me politely pointed to Cleche on Todd's set list without uttering a word. Todd chuckled, "Subtle but effective", and delivered a solo acoustic performance that brought her to tears.

For me, the standout tunes were "Fix Your Gaze", "Trapped" & a new tune off the forthcoming album due out in a few weeks "Yer Fast".

From such a great vantage point, I'm hoping for some fine photos, on my econo Jam Cam 2. But I have to wait until I reunite with my iMac on Sunday to see them.

After the show, Kazim & Trey chatted with fans outside the tour bus. A little later, Todd took the driver's seat of the bus to greet everyone who had waited to see him.

Trio 2000 - that's one that I'll never forget!

After last night's show, tonight's show in Seattle isn't looking all that far away at all. Let's see if I can get a sitter, and a ticket.

If you ask me, if only see one concert this year, see this one.

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