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Thank Goddd! Todd has finally gotten back to doing what he does best, playing lead guitar and singing at the top of his voice.

Despite the show being obscenely loud, it was the most exhilarating performance that I've seen from Todd since the early 80s. I've been hooked since the RA tour in 1977 and have endured a few duds (especially in recent years.) I unfortunately missed the lounge tour which I heard was great.

So it was with cautious pessimism that I forced a few of my friends to make the four-hour drive to Boulder from Aspen on a Tuesday night.

The Fox Theater is intimate and the stage is pretty accessible. I had no problem getting right up front just minutes before the show. The band quickly established that they were "here to rock."

And rock they did. Todd's voice was sounding real strong. For purists who like to see Todd plays lots of dynamic lead guitar, this show is on fire. People around me were amazed to see that the man had this skill which had been hidden for many years. Blistering lead guitar. It's one of Todd's best skills and he's been holding out for so long. But, like he used to do, he was attacking the guitar like a crazed lunatic and holding nothing back.

The song selection really made the night. To hear songs like "#1 Lowest Common Denominator," "Broke Down and Busted," "There Goes My Inspiration," "Open My Eyes," "Secret Society" and "Mystified" was a thrill. And the new song, "You're Fast (And I like It)" was edgy and catchy and intense.

If you don't like loud music, intense progressive pop rock or lead guitar, STAY AWAY! If you want to see the master cresting yet another big wave, get out and see this show.

I had the good fortune to hang out with Todd and his band at the sushi bar afterwards. They were all having a very good time and seem to be getting on fine...

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