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Hello Again Todd Fans!!!

Here we go with our review of the Todd show on Tuesday night at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado. My wife and I are still on cloud 9 after seeing the show and hope we can still give you an entertaining review of how the events unfolded for us.

We arrived at the doors about an hour and a half early and were met by our new friends, Z-man and his wife Alice, who had arrived a short while before us. There were about 10 people milling around in front of the theater as we took our place in line hoping to get a good spot in front of the stage when the doors opened. As we waited in line and chatted with fellow fans we were informed the Todd was right next door talking with fans. This seemed to be a good opportunity to wander over and meet our favorite artist. My wife had brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and had the chance to give them to Todd personally. Boy was she nervous! And excited!!! I had brought one of Todd's albums and had the pleasure of talking with him briefly and getting him to autograph my album. We were in heaven.....us meeting Todd personally!!! What was really nice was the fact that Todd had recognized us from the show the night before so we felt like we had made that personal link with Todd. I have sent some pictures to be posted so all can enjoy the more relaxed side of Todd. We took many pictures in the theater but with the "NO FLASH" rule none of my shots turned out except for two. One was a shot of Kasim and the other was a shot of my wife during the show with a really special fan named Kevin who had come all the way from Wichita, Kansas to attend the show.

After meeting Todd we took our place back in line and waited with our new friends for the doors to open. When we finally got in my wife and I picked up a couple more T-shirts for us and a tank top for my 14 year old daughter, Chelsey. Much to our surprise she really liked it!!! We took our place in front of the stage, this time my wife was more in the center and I was to her right. We all leaned on the stage and looked over the song list wondering what was in store for this evening. (Todd and his song list taped to the floor right next to his mic stand.) At about 8:30, Todd and the rest of the Power Trio entered and the crowd went crazy. The fans were ready for an evening of Todd tunes.

The band started things out with "I Hate My Fricken' ISP", which sounds better and better. Todd and the band sounded tighter than ever as they made the smooth transition from song to song. I'm not going to write another set list because it seems to change all the time and I think most of you get the idea by now what songs they do perform. There were a few song changes from the previous night which was a real treat for the fans who had attended both Colorado show. One of the changes the crowd really seemed to enjoy was when Todd picked up his acoustic and performed the Beatles song "Hide Your Love Away." He had chosen this song as his acoustic number over the previous nights performance of the classic "Cliche." I can't describe how beautifully he performed this Beatles song. The crowd sang along as they did most songs which still leads me to believe that "You fans are True fans." We both loved each show and will never forget the experience that each one brought us. Great music, great times, and being amongst the greatest fans in the world.

As we got ready to leave I was given Todd's songlist that was taped to the stage and made our way to the exit wondering when the next time would be that we would see Todd again. We hope we won't have to wait long to experience what we call the Ultimate dream show.

Thank you again Todd, Kasim, & Trey. You have kept the dream alive and we hope it never ends. And a special thanks to all the fans we met especially Z-man and his wife Alice, Kevin from Wichita, and the chance to meet and talk with Ed from Patronet subscription service.

Bill and Kathi Kelsey
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